Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Organizing Shoulder Mentor Speaks Again

On my shoulder sits a little mentor who makes helpful suggestions about how I can get -- and stay -- organized. You would think I would resent her for nagging but I don’t. When I see how very valuable her reminders are, I’m actually grateful.

Lately she has been reminding me of this phrase, “If you can’t do a lot, at least do a little.” So sometimes when I am “off” on my organizing game, at her urging I pick one little thing to do like straighten the medicine cabinet, declutter a messy spot. vacuum a rug, or wash one load of laundry. When combined with good organizing habits, like “Stow as you go!” doing just a little helps to keep the house in order and sometimes it jump starts me into more productive efforts.

Like the idea? Write the phrase, “When you can’t do a lot, do at least a little!” on a card and post it in an obvious but non-public place.
The card and your shoulder mentor together will make a powerful team.

Sandra Felton
Founder, Messies Anonymous

Author: NEW! Organizing Your Day

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