Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wishing for a Clutter Genie

“I need help!  Living in a disorganized house is the pits.”

  • Paying bills by mail is hard because that process involves stamps, pen, and keeping up with the bill itself. A hitch in any one of these steps will derail what should have been a quick and easy job.
A genie sure could help. Maybe there is a magic lantern lying around here somewhere.
  •  Laundry’s tough because you have to sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away. A back-up anywhere in this process leads toward piles of sorted unwashed clothes, molding stuff in the washer, wrinkling stuff in the dryer, unfolded clothes waiting attention on the sofa. or folded clothes not yet stored but being used out of the piles where they are.
Extra help would be nice. What’s this I found! A magic lantern? Oh, no. It’s just a creamer.
  • Managing medicine and first aide stuff can get so complicated especially when you use it so seldom. Where did I put that alcohol when I used it last time? Do we have any more adhesive tape?
I need somebody to help me locate what I need. A clutter genie sure would help a whole lot. Where, oh where, can I find a magic lantern?

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is there ain’t no such thing as a clutter genie. The good news is that a sanely organized house will give you the support you need.
To get that help read organizing books by Sandra Felton, sign up for daily encouragement through the Yahoo! group called The Organizer Lady, and join an organizing support group. You can gain access to all three on the very valuable website, Go there. You might just find your genie.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall in Love with an Organized Life

Real, long-term change comes only when the heart and mind embrace passionately the dream of a new, organized way of life. Maybe the passion is not there when we first start out, but somewhere in the organizing process we catch a glimpse that stirs a yearning. Seeing how others live, pictures in magazines, our childhood home, a visit to a friend’s house or model home, or even a television or movie settings remind us that another way of life is desirable and possible. Our prime motivation must be love for what we can barely see at this time of a new and better way of life.

Knowing that we can have more causes a strong distaste for clutter and what it does. The desire for release from disorder grows best in the soil of the love of order and beauty.

Many messy people have felt remorse over their life of disarray and  their helplessness to change what they so dislike. But deeper remorse come from knowing they have been denied a wonderful way of life. Pain of clutter prods us to begin the journey of change, but we move forward lured by the dream of what can be.

Fall in love with order and beauty.  Pascal was right when he said, “All men seek happiness without exception. They all aim at this goal however different the means they use to attain it...They will never make the smallest move but with this as its goal.” (Pascal’s Pensees, Section 7)  Seek the happiness you will find by getting the house under control and keeping it the way you dream it can be. You’ll love it!

Sandra Felton
The Organizer Lady ®
Founder, Messies Anonymous

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