Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mentor Yourself to be Organized, The Shoulder Mentor

There is one person you can always count on to help you overcome the cluttered lifestyle you are fighting -- yourself.

Here’s how to rally your own personal forces. Sit a little imaginary version of yourself on your shoulder. Give that little self a short but powerful organizing scrip by writing a reminder note (or notes) and sticking it in an obvious-to-you but not public place.

All during the day as you go about your business, your little shoulder mentor will remind you of the following short but powerful thought that is guaranteed to change your life.


What that means is that many messes stop one step short of order. Put the toothbrush in the cabinet instead of on the sink. Take that one more step.

Hang up the jacket instead of laying it down. It is just one more step.

Put shoes into the closet instead of just outside the closet door. Yes!! Just one more step does it!

Your little shoulder friend will mentor you into a life of order you dreamed of. It’s not hard. It is just one more little step.

Sandra Felton
Founder, Messies Anonymous
Author: NEW! Organizing Your Day

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