Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In a past seminar where were laying out our plans for each day of household maintenance by filling in the Flipper planning chart, a sweet lady said, "But suppose I don't have the urge to clean on that day?"

What we do is wait for a whim. Some day we wake up and there is that "right" combination of energy, time, and opportunity to clean. So we say, "Today is the day," and begin to plan because we realize we have "THE URGE."  It has come! 

Needless to say, this is not the way the house can be maintained the way we want it. Who knows how often the urge or whim might hit. And what else do we wait on a whim for -- going to work? going to school? fixing the meals? Hopefully not!

The point is proper household maintenance can only be done when we have a plan that is easily within our capability and we do it faithfully. We don't wait for urges. And the freedom from having to wait for an urge makes a person so happy. It is encouraging to think that I can keep things under control even if I don't get the urge! It's a wonderful idea. Try it.


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  1. If I was the sort of person who had regular urges to clean up, I'd never have gotten in this state in the first place! :)

    It's great to seize a mood when it comes, but best not to rely on them, that's why I like your Yahoo Groups email about "robotics" and taking it past the "Shall I, shan't I" point