Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Play Fetch

Jake, rest his soul (if doggies have souls and I hope they do) loved to play fetch. He would chase the ball we threw, bringing it back for another throw until his little tongue fell out, so to speak.

Jake’s replacement, Scotty, surprised us all. He understood the concept of going to get the ball. But once he got it, the game was over for him. He just ran around with it in his mouth or dropped it. He never seemed to realize that if he didn’t bring it back to us, we couldn’t throw it out again. No more fun for Scotty.

Organized people take things back as Jake did. Those of us who struggle with clutter are like Scotty. For us, it is exciting to get something out but not to put it back. We gather the wrapping paper, scissors, and tape to wrap a gift but when it is wrapped, for us the game is over. The same goes for many other items -- books we remove from the shelf to read, toothbrush and toothpaste from the cabinet, cups from the kitchen in the living room, and ... well, just look around.

The meaning of the word “fetch” is “to go get AND to take back.” Let’s play fetch, like Jake. Make it a point to return what we get out so that when we need it next time it will be there for us to do the exciting part again.

Trust me, the game of life will be much more fun if you do.

Sandra Felton
Founder, Messies Anonymous,
Author: NEW! Smart Office Organizing

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