Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Can Do It

There is a strange and virtually ignored something about how the body performs. Perhaps coaches whose job it is to evaluate movement of athletes could shed some light on the subject of the mind-body connection regarding moving. 

It makes sense that like everything else there is a bell shaped curve for ease of movement. A few rate 9s or 10s  because their bodies and minds run smoothly together. Most people are in the mid range of 4-6. And then there are a few of us in the lower numbers. Our mind-body connection does not work with the same ease as others. It does not fall into the smooth category.      

There is nothing very serious about this any more than it is a problem if you can’t carry a tune while someone else has perfect pitch. Or can’t draw a stickman well while portraits flow easily from another person’s pencil. We are all a conglomeration of a variety of skills and it may just be that some of us are a little shy in the ease of movement area.
All of this is to say that a task such as opening a tightly taped shipping carton that may seem simple, if slightly annoying to some, is a challenge to others. Neither one recognizes the difference in the other. But the one to whom activities come hard is likely to want to avoid tackling that challenge of opening the box, or at least put it off for a while.
Because of this subliminal reluctance, mundane things that need to be done, like taking out the trash and putting in a new bag or unloading the dishwasher may be neglected or postponed. Either of these will cause a backup and resulting clutter.
Recognize we all are different. We need to put forth a little extra effort when we notice that we hesitate to move.

Sandra Felton
Founder, Messies Anonymous
Author: NEW! Smart Office Organizing

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