Thursday, September 1, 2011

Care-less Equals Clutter, Care-full Equals Clear

If you are reading this, it shows you are one of the many who are concerned about clutter. You struggle with it but you are not winning the battle. Somehow the mess continues to develop -- on tables, counters, beds, and maybe even the floor. You are frustrated. You wish it were different. But somehow, although you really do care, it never gets much better.

On the other hand, your friend, Mary (or you fill in the name, you know who this is) seems to live clutter free. The puzzling part is that she does not seem to struggle like you do to keep her house neat. It just seems to stay that way.

The difference often is how much each of you cares. Often, the messy person could do better -- but they don’t put forth the required effort because they lack the pervasive intensity it takes to overcome the hindrances they face in the organizational arena.

They know what to do, they know how to do it. But they just don’t seem to be able to exert the effort necessary to overcome their particular hindrances.

Mary does. Somewhere like an underground river through her psyche, there flows an unstoppable determination to do what it takes to keep a neat house. She is consistently care-full. In other words, she cares enough to do what it takes to keep the house uncluttered.

If you face a chronically cluttered house, care enough to set goals wonderful enough to inspire you,  read books that meet your need, attend classes (in person or on line), ask for or hire help. Do whatever it takes to change what you are doing to make the house cluttered or not doing to make it neat. Caring alone is not enough, but without it nothing is enough.

Care intently, care passionately, care more. In short, raise your determination to a level that makes a difference.

Easy? Definitely not! Worthwhile? Absolutely!

Sandra Felton
Founder, Messies Anonymous
Author, New Book! Smart Office Organizing


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  1. Wow- This is a hard hitting message..I have that friend..and she helps me..I dont know if it is an I dont care enough situation-just so ovewrwhelmed at times-daily-been away from this site for year or two..Time to get motivated-again- wonderful inspirational message that makes you think-thankyou Sandra for caring enough to hit the nail on the head...